International students

We welcome our international students and invite them to visit pages of Physics I-II courses, delivered by our staff members.

Physics textbook for international students:

Physics by Nikiforov Yu.M. -Ternopil: PE Palyanytsya, 2015. – 288 p.

Laboratory manual for international students:

Physics laboratory by Kovalyuk B.P., Skorenkyy Yu.L. Nikiforov Yu.M. – Ternopil, ТNTU, 2016.- 130 p.

We are really glad to see you in our classes, and, the most part of our working hours, in our offices to offer you the assistance you need to start your carrier in science, IT or engineering. However, the best practice is to settle consultation hour with your professor well in advance. If you’re curious about what your professor does except of teaching you, read it at Job Responsibilities of Professors page (applies worldwide).

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