Physics II

                                                                                                Spring 2016


Instructor: Dr. Yuriy Nikiforov

Office: University Building 2 / Room 18


Schedule (subject to changes)

Lectures: Monday 2nd week 16:10-17:30 Room 18
Laboratory Session and Problem Solving: Monday 17:40-19:00 Room 18
Consultation: Weekdays working hours Room 29
Final Exam: in June 2016 (exact date to be announced)

Course Syllabus

Consise lecture notes

Electric current

 Laboratory of mechanics and thermal physics

Experiment E1 Experiment E2 Experiment E3
Experiment E4 Experiment E5 Experiment E6

Recommended Textbooks:

“Fundamentals of Physics” by D.Halliday, R.Resnick and J.Walker.

“Light and Matter” by Benjamin Crowell,

“Calculus Based Physics” by Jeffrey W.Schnick