Physics III

                                                                                                Fall 2016

Instructor: Dr. Yuriy Skorenkyy

Office: University Building 2 / Room 12



IMI-22, IEE-22

  • Lectures and Problem Solving:  Monday  13:00-14:20,     Room 32   (Building 2)
  • Laboratory Session:    Monday   2nd week   14:40-16:00,     Room 32   (Building 2)

Consise lecture notes

Wave and quantum optics
Fundamentals of quantum physics
Fundamentals of nuclear physics

Laboratory of optics and condensed matter physics

Experiment O1 Experiment O2 Experiment O3
Experiment O4 Experiment O6

Recommended Textbooks:

“Fundamentals of Physics” by D.Halliday, R.Resnick and J.Walker.

“Light and Matter” by Benjamin Crowell,

“Calculus Based Physics” by Jeffrey W.Schnick